Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Week 3 Picks

(Blogger's interface is doing something screwy as I type.  It's really getting on my nerves).

Well, this is a momentous occasion.  Not only am I finally getting arsed up to make my picks BEFORE the Sunday games, but it's also Week 3.  By now, we've seen some pretty good football, some pretty bad football and some pretty "What the Crap?" football.  At this point, I can start to see where this season is going (still nowhere near enough to make Super Bowl predictions, but more information than I've had the previous two weeks where all I had to go on was instinct, history and preference).

Every week, I look for a list online that I can just copy/paste on here and this one is pretty cool, having the win-loss record for each team.  Not that that should influence decisions (Case in point - certain teams last year started out with 6-0 records, but went on to barely make the playoffs)

Enough pontificating - on to the picks!

Tennessee Titans (1-1) vs New York Giants (1-1) - The G-Men got their butts handed to them last week by the Colts and it is my theory that when a team (that isn't from Detroit) gets beaten so soundly, they come out on fire the next week with their hair on fire.  Then again, the Titans lost to the Steelers... but I'm not a great fan of Tennessee and I'm sure Peyton's been giving Eli pointers on how to handle the Titans' defense (the Titans are in the Colts' division, so Indy sees them pretty regularly), so I continue in my Manning-fangirl tradition - Giants over the Titans

Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) vs. Carolina Panthers (0-2) - If I ever pick the Cincinnati Lady Gagas... I mean, Bengals... it's either because they're playing someone I hate even more or they're playing someone everyone knows will lose or I am in the gutter drunk as heck (I can pretty much guarantee it'll never be the third one).  Panthers look for their first win.

Dallas Cowboys (0-2) vs Houston Texans (2-0) - Do you even need to ask?  Texans (if Houston gives the Dallas Media Darlings an 0-3 start, I will think about forgiving that little beating-my-team stunt they pulled in Week 1).

San Francisco 49ers (0-2) Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) - Oh ye of the Gold Helmets - the fabled and storied land of Joe, Steve and Jerry - home of my dear friend Alex... it pains me to say it, but I do value my prediction record somewhat.  Kansas City.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) - Oooh... one of our double 2-0 matchups this week... and even though Tampa Bay hasn't played very hard teams... I still have to go with the tradition which dictates: When in doubt, cheer for yellow and black - Steelers.

Buffalo Bills (0-2) vs New England Patriots (1-1) - Oh vomit... again, I value my prediction record somewhat, so I will plug my nose and pull the lever for New England (Furbalo - what the crap?)

Cleveland Browns (0-2) vs Baltimore Ravens (1-1) - Not much to say here - Ravens.

Detroit Lions (0-2) vs Minnesota Vikings (0-2) - I would say "Do you even need to ask?" but the way things are shaping up for the Purple People Eaters, I almost wouldn't be surprised if Detroit pulled an upset.  But they are playing at Minnesota... but I would feel like an idiot if the Lions did win and I didn't pick them... but I would feel like an even bigger idiot if I picked the Lions and they wound up losing... I pick the Vikings (but in my heart I will be cheering for Detroit.  Love ya, Uncle Jack).

Atlanta Falcons (1-1) vs New Orleans Saints (2-0) - I'm going with the Saints for this one.  But I have a grievance to air - I do love the Saints' story and the whole New Orleans renaissance thing, but if I tune in to a Saints football game one more time and hear the words "Hurricane Katrina," I will rip my shoe off and throw it at the TV.  It's like that Walgreens commercial - it was last year (or five years ago) - can we please deal with the issues at hand?  Like winning in the 2010 season?  Good grief- how long has the Superdome been open? /grievance

Washington Redskins (1-1) vs St. Louis Rams (0-2) - Redskins.  That's it.  If I say anything else, I will hear about it later.  And I don't want to hear about it later.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) - Hmm... the convicted felon or Sucky McSuckerton?  Decisions, decisions... both have failed me at least once... so I pick... *flips coin* tails - Jaguars.

Indianapolis Colts (1-1) vs Denver Broncos (1-1) - Hey, it's the Pony Bowl! (Ha - beat you to it!)  Colts.

Oakland Raiders (1-1) vs Arizona Cardinals (1-1) - I don't have the energy to take it out on Oakland this week.  But I'm going with Arizona.

San Diego Chargers (1-1) vs Seattle Seahawks (1-1) - Beach bums over Starbucks junkies - Chargers over Seahawks

New York Jets (1-1) vs Miami Dolphins (2-0) - Oh, two more of my favorite teams *sarcasm sign* Ohhhh... go with the Fish (but please leave the white bell bottoms in the attic).

MONDAY, SEPT. 27, 2010:

Green Bay Packers (2-0) vs Chicago Bears (2-0) - A Monday Night Classic!  I like the Packers (and no, I'm not bandwagon jumping on this one - I have to pick somebody - that's an inside joke with my sister, in case you were wondering).

For the record - I am 23-9 in my picks so far (Week 1 - 13-3; Week 2 - 10-6).

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