Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yeah, It's a Long Football Rehash. Bite Me.

This was my stream-of-consciousness blogging as I watched the Sunday Night game.  My blog, my rules.  Deal with it.

Watching the Colts-Giants game and comment-chatting with a friend on LiveJournal who is a big Giants fan.  I feel bad that her team is losing - and I like the Giants too - yet I am loathe to see my Colts go 0-2.  Maybe if they had won last week, it'd be a different story.

However - it was nice to see the Colts playing pissed after last week's performance.  As much as the mild-mannered Colts get pissed.  I think that's why I like the Colts - totally classy and businesslike.  There's no weekly drama unless the media or whoever manufactures it around them.  Even then, no one on the field gives a damn (but we fans will get indignant on the players' behalf).  That's why I've cheered for the Jazz for so many years - they're much the same.  I'm not a fan of the "Twitter, Playboy model, reality show, GQ cover drama-ramas that other teams conjure up.

All that being said - I do wish the Giants would come back and make a game of it.   For all that "Manning Bowl" hype, you'd think they'd make the actual game a bit more interesting.

(I cannot lie - the Peyton-and-Eli little kid montages were adorable.)

Dallas Clark is my homeboy.  The end.

I am happy that Collie learned to catch the ball in the off-season (it will take a lot for me to let the stinking Zoobie off the hook for that).

STUPID KSL NEWS INTERRUPTING MY GAME!!!  And none of the other local news networks are interrupting their broadcasts!  I don't care if there's some stupid fire going on in the south of Salt Lake Valley - they wouldn't give a crap if there was a big fire going on out here!  ARGH!!

(Here's the dumbest thing - Channels 2 and 4 kept their regular programming going without interruption.  Can't shove "Undercover Boss" off somewhere else, now can they?)

Brandon Jacobs' helmet going into the stands - I say they should promise the guys a game ball or something cool to give up the helmet.

I never thought I would agree with Chicken-Neck's analysis - but his take on the Giants' O-line is dead-on.  Eli oughta be asking for a little help on the Dwight Freeney front (on the other hand, the Giants' punter's having a great night).

Years ago, the Colts' defense sucked like nobody's business.  The offense was amazing, but the defense left much to be desired.  So, I have to say that Indy's defense has vastly improved over the years and I am happy about that.

Here's a thought - Peyton's probably used to creaming Eli, so when you bill the game as "Manning vs. Manning," it's not going to end well for little bro (we older siblings don't like the young kiddles getting the best of us.  Makes 'em too uppity, you know?)

However - that was a classy move by Peyton not to give a post-game on the field interview.  It's one thing to have the "brother-vs-brother" banter in the lead-up to the game, but it's nice that he didn't want to gloat (or appear to gloat - I don't think he actually ever gloats) on national TV.  Two thumbs up!

Other games -

Washington - WTF??  You stinking HAD that game won!  (I guess I shouldn't get too mad - can't expect a total renaissance just after a 4-12 season).

Maybe the Pick-Your-Super-Bowl-Heroes guys should have looks a little further south in Texas for potential championship contenders (not that I like that pick any better, mind you).

Speaking of drama - what the crap is going on in Minnesota?  If Favre is going to make a big stink about "To retire or not to retire," he oughta play a little bit better, don'cha think?

(Commercial amusement - the DirecTV Russian mob guy, just as he turns on his "premium television package," one of the "Twilight" movies comes on.  I will leave the decision of whether that qualifies as premium television up to my readership)

We had my 12-year-old cousin over - who is a disgustingly huge Patriots fan - and we were ribbing him non stop over the Pats loss to the Jets.  At one point, it looked like Belichick was using the phone at the bench to order a pizza (accord to my dad's MST3K-style commentary), so every pizza commercial after that warranted a laugh.  The pizza started as cheese, but we progressed to pepperoni, sausage and anchovies - however bad they were playing.

Which begs the question - how long before the Rams' postgame sympathy-pizza before got ridiculous?  They probably wound up with ice cream and marshmallows.

To say nothing of the Lions' pizza.

(I pick on the Rams and the Lions in good fun - they are my mom and my dad's teams, respectively - and because they accuse me of bandwagon jumping.  To which I reply - I went so long without an NFL team and who was I going to pick?  The Raiders?  The Can't-Let-Go-of-the-70s-Lisa-Frank-Orange-and-Aqua-Look Dolphins?  Puh-lease…)

See ya tomorrow for the Saints-Niners showdown (umm... maybe "showdown" is a expecting a little much...)

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