Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Night Week 1 - Great Job. But who are the Chefs?

Even though it's really Tuesday.  Those Monday Night double-headers wear me out -_-'

- While the Jets-Ravens game was an exciting defensive matchup, the ending was quite anti-climatic.  Ending on a 4th down pass that you just barely didn't get the yardage for... I almost didn't realize the game was over.  There wasn't even anyone near him to keep him from getting that extra two inches (or whatever it was).

- Chargers-Chiefs - The Chiefs are always that team that I forget even exists.  When I try to name all the football teams by division (AFC South, NFC East, etc) I always forget that the Chiefs are in the AFC West.  I just keep thinking... Chargers, Raiders, Broncos... umm... let's see... *checks NFL.com*... oh yeah - the Chiefs!  Kansas City - right... they just kinda... stink...

Except apparently they don't anymore.  Going up 21-7 in the first half against the Chargers?  Freaking beating the Chargers?  Good grief - between them and the Texans, this may be the year for perennial losers to shine (ya hear that, Detroit?)

Monday night - I went 1 for 2, so my standing is 13 of... something.  Anyway, I gotta go.

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