Thursday, September 9, 2010

We've Been Waiting All Year

Sweet Mother of Lombardi - it's been a long summer.

(I prefer Hank Jr.'s "Are You Ready for Some Football?" but tonight's opener is on NBC and I actually didn't mind Pink's version - Faith Hill kinda bugs me, really.  Besides, this is actually for an opening night - and I miss John Madden's commentary.  It's just good to be talking football again ^_^).

Rejoice all ye nations of the (football) world - NFL action starts tonight!!  Saints vs. Vikings - should be a good one.  And for my pick... hm... I usually hate to see the defending Super Bowl champs to lose on Opening Night (even if they did beat my Colts for that ring), so I'm going to pick the Saints in this one.

Okay, okay - here's Hank Jr's Monday Night Football song from the actual ABC era (I still think it's stupid they moved it to ESPN.  But that's neither here nor there):

(I think it's funny this vid has Favre still as a Packer and now he's in Minnesota)

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