Monday, September 6, 2010

Somewhere There's a Circus Running Itself

Give me a break.

We had a spontaneous family reunion this Labor Day weekend (there, I said it).  Two of my mom's sisters and their families were out for the weekend and we had a blast with everyone.  Our neighbors have an annual Labor Day picnic where they invite the whole world to Callao for games and food.  This year, they had a 5K run in conjunction with it.  I didn't go run because it was scheduled for the crack of midnight (well, 6:00 am, but that's too early for a three-day weekend) but my mom and my aunts went.  My mom and my aunt even got medals for running, so that was cool.

During dinner, I entertained the wee kiddles with hula hoop tricks which we got pictures of:

I would have gone longer, but one of the hula hoops had streamers that were coming off and it got wrapped around my wrist.  But I did get a nice applause for it ^_^

Just as a general recap of some things that were discussed and laughed about - this is what I've learned about family gatherings (reposted from Facebook):

1. You save yourself a lot of stress and heartburn if you lock the bathroom door behind you.
2. You can learn anything on the internet, but it's best not to admit to it.
3. The experience you get out of these functions directly mirrors the attitude you bring with you.
4. With regards to the chili, your mileage may vary.

(And my redneck cousin from the other side of my family adds a #5 - Family reunions are a great place to meet a boyfriend/girlfriend.  Make of that what you will).

And evidently there is some drama brewing over the weekend's events via Facebook (hence, the demotivator at the top of this post).  Me - I'm just sitting back with my big bucket of popcorn and enjoying the fireworks (mmmm... butter...)

(My sister is watching some Disney Channel show and I have to say... I don't know why people think that Raven chick is funny.  It's a mystery, to be sure - looks like they're trying to be the emo-tastic CW. Vomit).


  1. Actually the 5k was at 7:30 and I also participated and won a medal haha don't go defriending me now.

  2. I knew you participated, but I wasn't sure if you won a medal or not. And 7:30 is about the same as 6:00 to me ^_^ But I won't defriend you - it takes a lot more for me to defriend somebody :)