Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogging from a Thursday Morning

How I go nearly a week without updating this, I'll never know.  It's not for lack of things to talk about, that's for certain.  Maybe it's because this is my more public blog and I have another place where I'm more anonymous to carp and rant about things.

- Thursday today - the kids at school are pretty lethargic when Thursday rolls around, I've noticed.  Then again, they're pretty lethargic on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday, they perk up for reasons-yet-unknown (to be fair, I have a tendency to to that as well).  Friday - well, duh - that's obvious.

- This past Monday, everyone was grumpy (that includes yours truly).  It always seems like everybody is angry or upset on the same days.  Sometimes I wonder if there's some rotation of the stars or the moon that aligns just right to make everyone feel like being ornery.

- Then again, there are days when all it right with the world, as far as I'm concerned, and one or two people around me are channeling Linda Blair.  That's when I retreat into whatever corner I have handy and occupy myself with some project or another.

- One of my students just came up to me with a question about a short story assigned in English.  She's not sure how to end the story (which is currently at nine pages in length).  I offered to read it for her and make suggestions, which she accepted that offer with the warning that her story is "super cheesy."  To which I replied, "You're in high school.  Everything is super cheesy."  I seriously think some of the stuff in secondary education exists for the sole purpose of being cheesy.  Again, I digress.

- The mail just came.  I think I get some of this stuff handed to me because I will throw it away.  I'm certainly not the math coordinator for the elementary school - but it's obvious that envelope is junk.  But everyone else just lets stuff pile up (not just at school, either) and never throws anything away.  I know some people are big on saving compost or whatever, but not on my work desk, please.

- I'm supposed to teach these kids how to use Excel, but it's a pain in the butt.  Maybe it's just because I'm not a business-type-person (not that I'm against business - I'm just not interested in it), but Excel and I have never gotten along.  And now I have to ensure that these students know how to use a program that I have zero-to-no faith in (yes, I know that's redundant).  Why input all these formulaic crap just to get an answer that I could get with a calculator?  That's much easier.  I hate it when computers try to do all the thinking for me and then they get it wrong.  As one of my students said - the formulas are all jacked.

- I do enjoy my job.  But I am excited for tonight - new "Big Bang Theory!"  Although, I am missing not having other shows to get into this year.  Nothing else really caught my attention this season, sadly.  So, I'm continuing my adventures in Classic Doctor Who.  I'm in the middle of the Season 2 serial "The Chase" where the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki are being chased around time and space by the Daleks.  And it is stinking hilarious.  Maybe not so much that the one lady jumped overboard the Mary Celeste with a baby - but other parts are pretty good (though I have to point out a major "Did Not Do the Research" moment - people from Alabama would not say "clever."  At least, not in the 1960s and not the Deliverance stereotype the BBC had hanging around the top of the Empire State Building as a tourist.  Then again, probably the best American accent British actors back then could do was a hayseed-backwoods-Larry-the-Cable-Guy thing.  My, how far we've come.)
   - I mean no disrespect to British actors by that comment.  I would actually love to be proven wrong about my assessment of British 1960s-style television acting, if anyone can do it.  I just figure it's a testament to how much more skilled actors and crew-people have become over the years, that's all (I could do a whole post about my thoughts on TV - American and British - in the past 50 years).

- That was a long tangent.  Must mean it's time to go home.

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