Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1 - And the Super Bowl Pick Is...

I had a busy church day today, so I the only game I saw today was Sunday Night Football (Cowboys-Redskins - wow, that was THE game to catch!)  I haven't even seen all the highlights yet, though I'm waiting for Chris Berman to make his appearance on ESPN so I can get the nitty-gritty (I can't figure out why the Blitz hasn't come up yet).  However, here are my thoughts on what I have seen so far:

  • - The Colts lose to the Texans???  Don't tell me we have the Second Place Curse!!! D: D: D:  (often, when a team loses in the Super Bowl, their next year will stink - how I pray that hasn't happened here!)
    • The Blitz is on - Basically, Houston played better.  And it's the Zoobie's fault.  Again.  How I hate Austin Collie (been making my life miserable since 2007 DX).
  • Brother Eli - you know I love you, but Brother Peyton needs some love, so I'm preemptively picking the Colts in next week's Sunday Night game (was there any doubt of that?) It's nothing personal - I'll still be a loyal fangirl the week after. Al Michaels can't say M. Night Shymalan's name (that's okay - I can't spell it).
  • Two things I'm sure of - Cris Collinsworth is still annoying and it is crappy horror movie season.
  • What were y'all saying about the Cowboys being the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium?  (People who make Super Bowl picks before and during Week 1 are morons.  The end.)
  • It's no secret that beer commercials are among the funniest commercials out there.  But why, pray tell would I want to swim in an ocean of Bud Light?  That stuff stinks.
  • What muskrat died and left it's pelt to Tom Brady's hair??  Holy crap...
  • At the end of Sunday's action, this is where my picks stand - I got 12 right with two more tomorrow.

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