Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Share Your Aversion to Soiled Hosiery

(Good night in heaven - Justin Bieber is guest starring in the season premiere of CSI?  I weep for civilization)

I just finished watching the Big Bang Theory marathon tonight, ending with the last season's finale and the introduction of ... oh well...

**HERE THERE BE SPOILERS***For the season finale of "The Big Bang Theory***

With the introduction of Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon's possible love interest.  This is something I've considered over the past summer of catching up to the whole series -

Of the four main guy characters in TBBT, Sheldon has the best chance of a successful romantic relationship for the pure and simple reason he has zero expectations of ever having one.  Think about it - Raj can't talk to women unless he's drunk, Howard's the biggest horn dog in the world (with hilarious results) and Leonard is like 99% of the world - puts too many expectations on even the simplest interaction with the opposite sex.  Sheldon, on the other hand, doesn't give a damn about what anyone think of him and that includes those of the female persuasion.  Actually, he's not pursuing any kind of romantic relationship with anyone - male or female.  He constantly reminds his friends (and the audience) that his time is better spent being a genius.  Social conventions are just quaint little things that humanity has come up with to have order in interacting with each other.

And then... you get Amy Farrah Fowler.  Quite possibly, she has just as little interest (if not less) in developing a relationship - much to the dismay of at least her mother (maybe others - she's only been in one scene at the end of an episode).  She and Sheldon evidently have that much in common that they find social conventions odd, yet intriguing (but not intriguing enough to participate in).

But - and here's my prediction - during the course of Amy and Sheldon discovering that there's another person in the world that is definitely not at home with social interaction, they will at least develop a friendship that may-or-may-not become a romantic relationship.  Now, I have to clarify - it won't be a Leonard/Penny romantic relationship (that is - they were just in it for the sex.  Look how that turned out - or any of the other guys' sexual exploits, come to think of it) because that's not how Sheldon rolls (I have no idea how Amy rolls - most likely it's the same as Sheldon).  That's why I say Sheldon will probably have the most successful romantic relationship.  It'll probably last longer than any of the relationships heretofore seen in TBBT.  And if it ends prematurely, then I'm sure Sheldon will not spend the final three-four episodes of a season pining away for his lost love (Imma lookin' at you Lenny-poo).

My two cents - we've only got one week to go, folks!

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